I have been struggling to find inspiration for the next post on this blog. I am certainly not short of opinions and anyone who knows me is aware that I have a tough time not “weighing in” on nearly any topic. Let’s just say that keeping quiet isn’t a strong suit of mine.


Why the struggle? I just haven’t found that thing that was either inspiring or frustrating enough to put pen to paper.  And, frankly I’ve discovered that things that frustrate me are easier to write about than things that inspire me. Which frustrates me. So, I am trying to avoid them.


My hope in creating the blog was to create an outlet to more freely share my thoughts about this crazy world we live in.  I created it in response to social media which so easily devolves into negativity and echo chambers when it comes to anything meaningful. I really don’t want to facilitate a vehicle solely for my own ranting, but that’s where I keep finding ideas. As gratifying as it may be to rant, I am certain that I find the process of the rant more interesting than any reader would find reading that rant.


In short, I’m suffering from writer’s block. I created the blog to talk about the things that interest me. Since my last post, my favorite sports team won a championship, but I didn’t feel a need to write about it. My beautiful dog has continued to struggle with her health, but that’s been too emotional to deal with, much less write about again. I’ve traveled a lot, but there isn’t really any news there. The political environment falls into that frustrating category I prefer to avoid right now.


I’ve decided to break the block with a few short updates to some of the topics from prior posts, and to assign to each a word in summation. So, here we go:


I went to Israel. A few times. Easily summed up with “I was with good people in great places and ate amazing food”.  Oh, I forgot to mention that I barely missed a terrorist incident. Illuminating.


Renowned Israeli chef Eyal Shani’s famed cauliflower (this time from Romano, his newest restaurant in Tel Aviv) Photo credit: Geoff Galat, July 2017


Lula got better. Then she got worse. Last weekend, I thought we were losing her. She’s rebounding again, but the reality that she’s never going to be the Lula she was gets starker with every dry heave, and when she isn’t interested in things that have motivated her for 12+ years. Agonizing.


I’ve been in front of lots of customers, prospects and smart people. The story and messaging I’ve driven is working, and that is professionally very gratifying. I’ve also added a few really good people to my team (and Clicktale is continuing to build an amazing team in general) that are transforming the company, and our products are transforming our industry. Exciting.


My knee is still a mess. I still can’t ride, haven’t even felt it was healthy enough to try. So, now I am fatter than ever (in the worst shape of my life), and it is now affecting everything – including planning (or not planning) vacations and even weekend outings based on how much walking I can do, and where. Exasperating.


I never did get paid back for the loan I made. And, adding insult, one of the people I loaned the money to reached out to me via text and baited me into a text exchange where my anger surfaced. She then cut and pasted my responses to her own Facebook page, making it seem as if I was the unreasonable one (you know, for actually expecting repayment) and also posted a link to the Trust blog post about the situation, which of course is hosted at this site – the URL of which is my name. Thousands of views resulted, with all sorts of vitriolic comments I had to moderate, and also drove the same to my professional profile on LinkedIn. All the while, I have continued to not publicly name her, her partner, or their company. Disgusting.


So, while I haven’t had anything to write about, the last few weeks have apparently been illuminating, agonizing, exciting, exasperating and disgusting. And those are just the things I’ve mentioned here.  Life really is a crazy thing.


As always, your comments, shares and subscribes are appreciated.



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  1. I would take to court that person whom you loaned money. She sounds like someone who always gets away with stuff. In the immortal words of someone I can’t remember “sue the bastards”!!!!! The rest of your story is really all about life…travel, work, love, sickness and aging. It brings to mind that, in my humble opinion, gratitude is what its all about. Gratitude for what you have, right now, right this moment. Being present, being mindful, that sounds so easy and yet it is difficult. Thanks for the post. It caused me to think and reflect.

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