I write this suspended in the air.


38,000 feet, somewhere over the Atlantic returning from a long, long journey overseas. Feels like forever. Actually it was two trips, with a return to the U.S. in between. Atlanta-Tel Aviv-Atlanta…four days at home….Atlanta-Tel Aviv-London-Atlanta. That was much of April and I have yet to be home in May. Ten separate flights (counting connections), only 3 of which were delayed (but one delay was for 5 hours). I feel like I’ve heard every song on my iPad, multiple times. I’ve run out of books to read.


The work aspects of the trip were intense, yet gratifying. The personal aspects were tough. I miss the FMG. I miss my dogs.


But maybe what I miss the most is the pride in my country that I used to feel when traveling abroad. It’s been suspended. I miss being viewed as a proud product of the most respected nation on earth. An American. An example of an ideal.


I miss being viewed as being from a place where the rights of others matter, regardless of their color, or their gender or of who they choose to love. Or their birthplace. Where the truth matters. I miss being a proud product of a country whose very first statement to the world was:


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  – Declaration Of Independence, July 4, 1776


The very first statement of our nascent nation invoked truth, equality and rights. The very first. Those have been suspended, too. Apparently as has the very independence declared in the document I’m referring to. Suspended.


I’ve taken 4 overseas trips now since 45 was elected. I have yet to meet or interact with a single person who ascribes him to the ideals of America, as viewed through their prism. None. The thing most of them are suspending is called respect. Maybe Its because I haven’t met any Russians?


This blog is now suspended.


As always, your comments, shares and subscribes are appreciated.



1 thought on “Suspended

  1. I feel your pain. Last year in the U.K. “we” chose Brexit, effectively giving our European neighbours a single finger salute. Collectively we confirmed what they had always suspected – we’re a country of morons.

    This last week I’ve been on holiday in The Alpujarra region of Spain. There are very few British ex pats but they are here. One evening we got talking to. British couple who had retired to Spain over ten years ago. Amazingly they had voted for Brexit because they felt that the UK was overrun with immigrants. They believed the rubbish they had read in our gutter press. They had believed the politicians, whose motives I still don’t understand.

    This seemingly intelligent retired couple thought that Brexit wouldn’t affect them because they are “residencia” in Spain. Er ….. no.

    So it seems we are a nation of morons after all …….

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