Looking back, looking forward.

It’s been a year. An eventful one. The last thing I remember prior to 7 A.M. on May 17, 2018 was the anesthesiologist showing me an ultrasound image of the nerve bundle in my leg she was about to block. She told me it would last 24 hours. And then… The next thing I remember was waking up thrashing, ripping…

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Two Long Weeks

As I noted in an early post of this blog, I've been struggling physically for a few years, and have tried a bunch of therapies to try and avoid a knee replacement. Ultimately, nothing worked, and I had my knee replaced on May 17. Today marks 16 days since surgery. It feels like forever, but as my PT reminded me…

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I have been struggling to find inspiration for the next post on this blog. I am certainly not short of opinions and anyone who knows me is aware that I have a tough time not “weighing in” on nearly any topic. Let’s just say that keeping quiet isn’t a strong suit of mine.   Why the struggle? I just haven’t…

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It’s a Grind

Today I enter a grinder. As most who know me are aware, I travel. A lot. It’s an occupational hazard of someone with a job like mine – I am frequently on the road, visiting customers, prospects and attending conferences.  Add in the bonus of working for a company headquartered in Tel Aviv, and having much of my team located…

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That One Day

That one day, way back in 2004. For some reason, even though I didn’t have any pets, I walked into Petsmart. They were having an adoption event.  I saw her. In a temporary pen, surrounded by a bunch of other puppies. But she stood out. It was her eyes, and her smile. I picked her up.  I put her back…

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