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I’ve spent a long career in technology, and most recently was Chief Marketing Officer of Clicktale.  I have a wide range of interests, ranging across technology, music, photography, pop culture, politics, travel, sports and cycling (which is a sport, I know). And dogs. Lots of dogs. I’ll  likely touch on some or all of these over time.

I am hoping to have a place for longer form dialogue than Social Media platforms allow, with more thought and less vitriol.

I was a professional photographer for a few years (many years ago), and the advent of the iPhone rekindled my love of taking pictures. I’ll include images in the blog posts themselves, as well as galleries of some of my favorite pictures from the “digital” era (i.e., post iPhone). Many of the images will be taken using that convenient and powerful device, but others will be from my preferred Nikon digital equipment.

Most of the photographs you’ll see on this blog are my own originals (unless I credit someone else, or use some imagery to illustrate a story).

By the way, the name I chose for the blog is an homage to a sign I saw in the marketplace in Ephesus Turkey. It represents the perfect summation of my profession of marketing as well as anything I’ve seen.

I’d love your feedback.

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