The world is filled with hate. I struggle with it. I fight it in myself all the time. But I have to finally admit it. I too am filled with hatred. It’s bursting from within me, it fills every fiber of my being. I struggle to contain the hatred, on a near-daily basis. I am literally triggered by it. It…

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49 Days

‘A’ tickets got you onto the carousel and the trolley down Main Street. ‘E’ tickets got you on the cool rides – Space Mountain and the Matterhorn. The tickets came in books when you entered the park. When we went, we’d always come home with leftover ‘A’ & ‘B’ tickets, and never had enough ‘D’ or ‘E’ tickets.

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United, We Stood

It’s easy to reflect now, but what started that night in March became overwhelming.  We fell in love with the team on the pitch, with amazing, young,  previously unknown (at least to us) players like Miguel Almiron, Josef Martinez and Yamil Assad, and older veterans I’d heard of but didn’t “know”.  The atmosphere at Bobby Dodd started off at an…

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